Bethel Global Media Contents works to bring the world together through contents.
We work to add value to contents by bringing contents companies from all over the
world together in order to create synergy and foster understanding.

Based in Seoul, South Korea, Bethel Global Media Contents is a leader in the media industry. We at Bethel take pride as pioneers in the globalization of broadcast contents. Our directive is clear and simple - to bring entertainment, culture, and information to the global community of nations which is becoming increasingly connected while at the same time, more and more isolated.

We aim to break cultural barriers and foster understanding through media, and as such, we are active in a diverse array of fields including the production (with an emphasis on global co-productions), planning, strategizing, funding, post-production, and localization of contents.

To help achieve this, we have assembled a highly talented and dedicated team of media professionals who are working to create viable solutions for the various obstacles that arise during the production process. Our team works on projects from their inception, planning and strategizing financial and creative solutions so that media contents may launch successfully.

By working out strategies which take into consideration both the business and creative factors which are essential to any production, we are able to achieve goals which are satisfactory to ourselves and to our partners. This is the reason that we have developed a growing reputation as the go-to company for producers in Korea and abroad for international co-productions.

As of date, Bethel Global Media Contents is one of the fastest-growing media companies in all of South Korea, and as a window into the global community, we offer a new paradigm in media which consolidates all aspects of the industry into a powerful new force for cultural understanding and exchange.