Sam Sang Ho Kim

"The depth and breadth of Miles' knowledge in media have never ceased to amaze me. It is a true pleasure to work with him because I know that I can rely on him to oversee every aspect of the business with a keen and creative business mind. If I had one word to describe Miles, it would be "phenomenal."

Seung Yun Lee

"Having known Miles over the years, I am grateful for the personal and professional relationship that we have. Miles has a knack for business which is uncanny, and he is a thoroughly warm and candid person who offers his partners sound solutions for any problems that they face."

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Bethel's founder and Chief Executive Officer, Miles has extensive experience working in all fields of the media industry including marketing, production, post-production, and funding. Miles has worked with every major broadcaster in Korea, as well as major broadcasters overseas. Thanks to his knowledge of the different media environments in various parts of the world, Miles is able to integrate divergent cultural and business elements and forge partnerships to launch productions and fill the needs of companies throughout the industry. Also, as the CEO of Bethel, Miles has an understanding of the various moving parts within the company and coordinates all the different projects which are ongoing so that they become a cohesive whole which helps the company achieve its overall goals and values.