With our team of media and production specialists, we focus on the global
distribution and localization of contents in countries abroad. Working towards a new paradigm of media globalization, we will continue to provide clients with quality contents that exceed expectations.

Using the newest HD technology and a non-linear editing process, loss in video quality is minimized and the final product may be delivered in various formats, such as tapes and files compressed using a wide array of codecs. Following post-production, the content undergoes a 3rd editing process where captions are checked for the final time as it is played in a non-linear program.

Post Production


As a production company, BGMC has streamlined the production process, outsourcing most of the principal photography to reliable partners and focusing on the creative aspects of the production process as well as the post-production which determines the final output. Also, each and every member of Bethel acts as a creative partner whose input gives a different perspective to the production. Through this cooperative effort, Bethel puts forth the most innovative and exciting programs in Asia


& Distribution

BGMC's diverse and international team has an excellent eye for global trends in the media industry. Therefore, we are able to identify and fulfill the needs of broadcasters all over the world. We bring contents not only from Korea to the global audience and vice versa, but also act as a bridge, connecting various countries in Asia with countries in Europe and the Americas.

BGMC has a staff who is fluent in 8 different languages and is able to localize all forms of broadcast contents from formats to dramas. Content is translated, edited, and thoroughly double-checked by native translation specialists who are familiar with the trends and cultures of both the country of the content's origin and its destination.



BGMC is working to launch innovative and interactive formats which will spell the next global wave of programming.

BGMC secures funds for a wide array of program genres, and ensures that our partners recoup their investments for a win-win partnership between investment firm and producer.


Events Agency

BGMC continues to develop and evolve as a media content company with the latest inception of its Events Agency division, aimed at providing our clients the opportunity to integrate on-air media content with on-ground events for an innovative and experiential total marketing campaign. Our newest additions to the team bring to the table a total of 30-years’ experience in all aspects of events in Southeast Asia and East Asia, as well as native fluency in 6 major languages of the region.